Monday, July 20, 2009

Welcome, folks.

So, this bad boy is a little different. This will be a place for me to say hey, you like this book I reviewed... try this one.

First off, all the reviews that are on Broken Frontier's website currently.

Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? #1

dense, dense read. Of course if you like this, you should try the actual novel, if you are impatient, otherwise this 24 issue adaptation should suffice.

RIYL: From Hell by Alan Moore, really anything by Moore will be okay. Nightly News or any of the works of one Jonathan Hickman (especially his pre-Marvel Image work).

Blackest Night #1

The Event book done right? I dunno, it didn't resonate me like it did with most readers.

RIYL: Inifinite Crisis - Geoff Johns other big DC event. I am guessing you would also be served by his current run on Green Lantern or Grant Morrison's run on JLA. Marvel Zombies also comes to mind, because well the Black Corps seem to be zombies with powers.
This was the review group book this week:

Black Lagoon Volume 1

Viz sends me comps and wanted me to cover this older title. My review describes it best... "Imagine if Quentin Tarantino, Robert Rodriguez and John Woo made a movie together. Now imagine that all three directors, their crew and entire cast were on Crystal Meth."

RIYL: Well any of those things named above will do. There is also Cowboy Bebop. I would also recommend Viz's Dogs series.

Amulet: Book Two - The Stonekeeper's Curse

Scholastic's follow up to Bone is good family friendly Fantasy!

RIYL: Kazu is the editor of the Flight anthologies (volume 6 is out this wednesday!), so that is a good place as is Mice Templar for more mature audiences. The youngsters should check out Bone, Mouse Guard, and Edgar Allen Poo.

That brings us up to today. Now I will go to single posts!

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