Tuesday, July 21, 2009

An oldie but a goodie... The Nobody

I didn't write a Review for today and I know that blogs live and die by the information flow. So, on days like today I will highlight a review I wrote a while back - don't worry, I'll try to make sure it is something readily available. Sometimes, I might link someone else's review for something.

Today's Choice is fairly recent but not linked here.

The Nobody
by Jeff Lemire

"Those who are being introduced to the artist’s work through this book are in for a treat. It is instantly more satisfying than Essex County, which is brilliant, but only in its entirety. The individual pieces of that epic are not nearly as satisfying or gripping as this entry. The Nobody is as perfect a comic thriller as I have ever read and proof that Lemire is a brilliant graphic novelist."

RIYL: Well that other book by Lemire mentioned above. That Salty Air, Air, Sliverfish, Young Liars.

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