Tuesday, July 28, 2009

From The Reading Pile: Hellboy Vol. 2 - Wake The Devil

Hellboy: Wake the Devil
By Mike Mignola

More from the uncontrollable stack of books I have yet to read. Like Sin City, I am reading this in the big Library Editions from Dark Horse. This first hardcover (of which this is the second half) took me a while, because to be honest, Seed of Destruction didn't exactly set my world on fire. Fortunately, it was not my first experience with Hellboy. I had checked out what ever mini series was being published when I first got back into comics. I dug it, but after a couple of series... I am thinking I made it to The Black Flame... I realized that this world was rich in back story, so I decided to start at the beginning and then these cool hardcovers were solicited.

This is more like it. After the somewhat empty opening of the first series, the whole ball of wax gets rolling here. Rasputin, Vampires, Gods, Nazis, Mad Scientists, Disembodied Heads. That's what our Demon friend should be fighting. However, the emotional connection to his team becomes clearer here. We see him face his destiny and claim his own path. The wry humor is here. Perfect comics from a genius of the medium.


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