Wednesday, July 29, 2009

From the Reading Pile: Sin City Vol 2 - A Dame to Kill For

A Dame To Kill For
By Frank Miller

The Hard Goodbye suffered from Miller's penchant for hokey dialogue. Oddly enough it worked well enough for Marv's story.

Here, Miller delves fully into Noir. Dwight's speech is full of the cadence and swagger of Bogart at his finest. The lust between Dwight and Ava is thick, the smell of sweat rises from the page.

What's more, Miller embraces the pulp mechanisms, sprinkling bits from the other volumes here and there. The story becomes a frame and like a Leonard novel, old friends are hiding in corners.

Oh, Ava's monologuing can get overbearing - but it is made up for in spades by the momentum that keeps the pages turning and the story moving.

To this reader, this is a better outing that the first volume. Miller is playing around less and hunkering down to tell a decent story.

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