Thursday, July 30, 2009

Immortal Weapons #1

Immortal Weapons #1
Written by Jason Aaron & Duane
Illustrated by Various Artists

Aaron has showed himself as one of the rising stars in the medium. He has already once shown readers that he can handle the tongue-in-cheek humor and over-the-top action of the best chop-socky films. That book was called Wolverine: Manifest Destiny, even though it felt more like Sons of the Dragons. All of those skills in the genre are on display here.

To add insult to injury for lesser writers, the scribe adds enough emotional depth to the character to make an overweight and egotistical guy into a sympathetic character. His story is haunting and tragic. There is a sense of loss at the end that is inescapable. Certainly, with the majority of his career ahead of him, Aaron will be considered one of the greats of his field.

RIYL: Immortal Iron Fist, Wolverine: Manifest Destiny, Daughters of the Dragon, Daredevil

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