Thursday, July 23, 2009

Hollywood as Gateway: Google Geeks?

With the launch of San Diego Comic Con 2009, this is the graphic on the Google home page today.

I'm overjoyed that Hollywood has made such a large showing there. I just wish we could find a way to turn those billions of movie dollars into comic sales.

Like Morrison said,
“I don’t care about geeks, you know? Geeks shouldn’t be given power. When geeks get power, you get Hitler. There’s a lot of weird and angry geeks out there. But what (a comic book movie) does is it opens up comics as a medium. It stops being geekish. There’s comic books for everyone. There’s comic books for women, there’s comic books for kids, there’s comic books for teenage Goths. That is the important thing that movies are doing.”

– Grant Morrison, in a roundtable discussion about Comic-Con and the geeks inheriting Hollywood (via Robot 6)

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